with Ingo and Connie

McKernan Child Care Society Campout

July 22 to 24 the McKernan Child Care Society held their annual campout at De Graff’s Eco-Camp Resort, where Wild By Nature leaders Ingo Hentschel (aka Sponge Bob) and Connie Gottselig (aka Surf) taught lake canoeing, sea kayaking, environmental awareness, outdoor leadership, team building, eco-games, and a lot of camping and wilderness survival skills.  The participants were very eager learners, proving once again that city kids are very much into learning more about being active in the outdoors.  The WBN leaders were totally impressed with the great attitudes these children and their McKernon staff supervisors demonstrated throughout their stay at DeGraff’s.  Everyone is looking forward to another great experience next summer at the 2010 McKernan Campout.

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