with Ingo and Connie

Sea Kayak & Voyager Canoe Adventure To Grey Owl’s Cabin

Last fall we guided a trip for family and friends to the all famous Grey Owl’s Cabin in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan.  It was an epic adventure.  Nature at it’s best 🙂

Grey Owl was a world renowned conservationist and author.

In working with the National Parks Branch, Grey Owl gained recognition and fame in his early career as a conservationist, becoming the subject of many films, and being established as the “‘caretaker of park animals’ at Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba” in 1931.[3] Together with his numerous articles, books, films and lectures, his views on conservation reached audiences beyond the borders of Canada, challenging people to re-evaluate their relationship with nature. His conservation views largely focused on humans’ negative impact on nature through their commodification of nature’s resources for profits, and a need for humans to develop a respect for the natural world.[4



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