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Thank You for your Support :)

A Great Big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to help with our Sept 5 “Long and Narrow Lakes Stewardship Society” Open House.  The Society’s mission is to protect and conserve these special lakes and the surrounding area, and to promote the responsible, sustainable use of the lakes to […]

Summer Fun with Wild By Nature Adventures

It has been an awesome summer of adventure from the Maligne Lake Canoeing & Hiking Expedition with the Junior Forest Wardens; to Waterdays Fun with the Calling Lake Crew; to the Girl Guide International Jamboree of 3000 Girl Guides from around the world; to the the Leduc County Extreme Adventure […]

Athabasca County Family Fun :)

Great times had by all with Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Canoeing, Survivor Challenge, Nature Hike with Plant ID, Fire Lighting with Flint & Steel, Bog Jumping and Bannock on a stick over the campfire…..summer fun at it’s best 🙂  The crew was excited to find 2 watermelons at ‘Watermelon Patch’ across the lake! The […]