Alberta Programs

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Nature Crafts

Cattail dolls, willow ti-pi chairs, hoya sticks, bull roars, pack frames, whistles, sedge wisk broom, Christmas wreaths, dream catchers, drum earings, Indian head dresses, felting, decoys, basketry, natural cordage, willow arches, clay whistles, west coast painting, didgeridoo, flint knapping, burn bowls and spoons,  snowshoes, ski poles, willow furniture, fat lamps, buffalo balls, hide drums, willow animal figures, primitive games and toys, cattail sun visors, tire sandals, wheat weaving, pine pitch glue, soap/candle making, primitive tools, soap stone carving, pottery, birch  bark knife sheaths, track casting, game calls, knife use and safety, and more!
Survival Shelter

Principals of survival, Wilderness First Aid, clothing, survival kits, fire lighting, shelters, preventing disorientation (map and compass), tools, plant uses, cordage, knots, fire by friction (bow and hand drill), fishing, snares, weather patterns, emergency pack frame and animal habits we can learn from.

Start your very own plant collection and learn their edible, useful, medicinal and poisonous properties.  Listen to native plant legends while you brew some bush tea and prepare and cook tasty vegetation.

Learn how to survive the winter and enjoy it!  Find out what food, clothing, tools and emergency supplies to bring on an outing in order to combat that bitter cold.  Go for a ski or snowshoe to build your overnight igloo or quinzhee and relax around an evening bonfire.

Mt. Hector, April, 2006WINTER CARNIVAL
Why hibernate?  There is so much to enjoy in the wonderful winter season!  Have a blast with Carnival fun, relay races, skiing, snowshoeing, nature games, crafts, snow sculptures, campfire, sauna, ice fishing, a winter nature hike    and much more!  A snowball of fun for the whole family!

Survivor, Eco-Challenge, Primitive Skills Gathering (Cave Days), Fired up About Forestry, Tracking, Aboriginal Camouflage, Project Wild, Fill My Knapsack Leadership Program, Focus on Forests, Wetlands Wonder, Earth Caretakers, Adventurer / Challenger Wilderness Fun Seekers, Canoe, Kayak & Challenge Course Instructor Certification Programs, Mom’s / Dad’s / Couple’s Nature Weekend Getaway, Wilderness Wisdom Adventures, Moga Madness – Wilderness Journey, Wild By Nature Eco-Adventure, Endangered Species, Spaces and Wildlife Rehabilitation, Wilderness Leadership Training, 24 Hour Wilderness Solo; Family Fun Weekends (i.e. Easter), Wilderness Skill Pot Pourri, Low Impact / Leave No Trace Camping, Dog Sledding, Willow Sauna, Survival Hike Challenge; Mountain Adventures ~ whitewater rafting / canoeing, rock / ice climbing, horseback riding, caving, backpacking & back country skiing.

Orienteering Map & Compass; Leadership Development; Canoeing (Basic Canoe Certification), Kayaking (Basic Kayak Certification); Sea Kayaking, Sailing, Wind Surfing & Wake Surfing; Canoe, Kayak, Ski and Backpack Trip Planning; Astronomy; Mountain Biking; Skiing, Snowshoeing, Ice Fishing; Archery; Challenge Course (High Ropes, Low Ropes, Initiatives, Wide Games); Search and Rescue Techniques; Nature Games / Sharing Nature with Children; Forest, Lake and Wildlife Ecology; Standard First Aid, Wilderness First Aid; Campfire Programs; Outdoor Cooking; Team Building; Nature Hikes; Willow Sauna.

* We also host special events such as birthday parties, anniversaries and family reunions.  The program will be tailored to best suit your event…piñatas, nature games and more!