Specialized Programs


Survivor –  Eco-Challenge –  Primitive Skills Gathering (Cave Days)

Fired up About Forestry – Tracking –  Aboriginal Camouflage

Project Wild –  Fill My Knapsack Leadership Program

Focus on Forests – Wetlands Wonder – Earth Caretakers

Adventurer / Challenger Wilderness Fun Seekers

Canoe  –  Kayak & Challenge Course Instructor Certification Programs

Mom’s / Dad’s / Couple’s Nature Weekend Getaway

Wilderness Wisdom Adventures – Moga Madness – Wilderness Journey

Wild By Nature Eco-Adventure – Endangered Species

Spaces and Wildlife Rehabilitation –  Wilderness Leadership Training

24 Hour Wilderness Solo –  Family Fun Weekends (i.e. Easter)

Wilderness Skill Pot Pourri

Low Impact / Leave No Trace Camping

Dog Sledding –  Willow Sauna –  Survival Hike Challenge

Mountain Adventures ~ whitewater rafting / canoeing – rock / ice climbing

horsebackriding, caving, backpacking & back country skiing

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