with Ingo and Connie


New Website

Looking for the old Wild By Nature Adventures website?

Well it is gone.  Finished.  Sunk to the bottom of the Lake.

After years of “yes we have a website, but please don’t look at it” we are going
to make the site useful, interactive, fun, eye pleasing, 100000 pages long and more!  (well those are the goals)

The site will go up LIVE, so check back regularly for new pages to be added.

Thanks, from Webmaster Paul on behalf of Connie and Ingo

Welcome to our new site.

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved Wild by Nature Adventures website.  Soon you will be able to read all about Connie and Ingo’s ‘wild’ adventures (and boy some of them really are!).  Come back frequently to check up on the latest!  See you then.

Typical day at the office for Ingo!

Typical day at the office for Ingo!